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The Cinephilia Lite App is a compilation of Josh Cabrita’s movie reviews with ratings, review and trailers for most movies.  Don’t see another movie without first checking Josh’s review.

CinePhiliaLite01The Cinephilia Lite App is a complication of Josh Cabrita’s movie reviews.  Many of the latest Hollywood releases are reviewed by Josh.  Check out the review before making your next movie decision.





CinePhiliaLite02Josh gives a rating from 0 – 4 starts on each of his reviews.  It just may save you some time and expense to see what Josh has to say!!!





CinePhiliaLite03Well written reviews are the norm from Josh.  And if you don’t agree with Josh’s review, you can post your feedback.






CinePhiliaLite04Movie trailers and artwork are also included with most reviews.







Catch the great movie graphics and audio clips of your favorite movies!


Watch a few minutes of the movie trailer before you make your movie decision.