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Dancing Chicken  (iPhone)

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Move over Travolta and Jackson, the Dancing Chicken is a popular interactive app featuring whimsical poultry in motion. With over a million downloads served, The Original Dancing Chicken has been enjoyed all around the world. Completely revamped, our Original Dancing Chicken has a fun new interface with more flexible slide action controllers and NO MORE keyboard.

Dancing Chicken – Classic and New Content

Dancing Chicken (iPhone)The original Dancing Chicken content remains in this new version of the App. The original App was downloaded 1.3 million times from the App store.

There are three original costumes: Orignal Flavor, Disco Cluck and Chicken Ala King.

Classic Content – Chicken Ala King

Dancing Chicken (iPhone)A tribute to the “King of Rock and Roll”.

New Content – Gangnam Style

Dancing Chicken (iPhone)

Gangnam Style with three dance moves. This content is also availble in the free version of the app. Other versions are .99 cents.

New Content – Swan Envy

Dancing Chicken (iPhone)

New Content with 5 dance moves.

New Content – Chicken Strips

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New Content with 5 dance moves.

New Content – Griller

Dancing Chicken

Five dance moves in a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Dancing Chicken Video