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Eating Smart – iPhone

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Product Details

This iPhone app is designed to provide useful and factual information with a user-friendly interface. It is hoped that each and every user will learn the importance of nutrition and exercise.

Main Menu – Instruction Menu – Information

Eating Smart - iPhone iOS Simulator Screen iPhone Instructions iOS Simulator Screen iPhone Diet ScoreWith simplicity of use in the understanding of a complex issue, it is only a few taps to navigate throughout the app to find useful information or instructions.

Add / Edit Users

iOS Simulator Screen iPhone User Listing iOS Simulator Screen iPhone User Edit Screen Eating Smart - iPhoneIt is super simple to add or edit users. Track as many users as you wish.

Food Group Information

Eating Smart iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-10-09 10.59.42 AM Eating Smart - iPhoneRetrieve information on the various food groups defined in East Smart with just a few taps. Exercise is tracked in the same fashion as food groups.

My Food

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-10-09 11.00.37 AM iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-10-09 11.05.10 AM Eating Smart - iPhoneDefine your own food consumption for a typical week. How many food group portions per week and what size portion for each food group.

Future Stats

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-10-09 11.11.57 AM iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-10-09 11.12.09 AM Eating Smart - iPhoneGlimpse into the future. Set the future from a month to 10 years. Run the animation and watch an animation of results. Get the details in written form and a diet score between 0 and 100

Animation Details

This animation, from the Eating Smart App, demonstrates a beginning BMI of 21 which is considered “Normal” then gaining a considerable amount of weight until reaching a BMI of 35 which is categorized as “Obese Class 2”. This is the equivalent of a person of 5’5” (165 cm) having a starting weight of 126 lbs. (57 kilos) and then gaining 83 lbs. (38 kilos) for a total weight of 209 lbs. (95 kilos).