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Learning English?

Want to enhance your English?

Teaching English?

Or perhaps you are studying some specialized words and definitions for a career in the medical, pharmaceutical, law, engineering or other specialized profession.


Is it possible to practice your English skills and have some fun at the same time?

If your answer is YES and we can show you.

My Definitions is an iOS App found on Apple’s  App Store.

Assemble a word list.  Attach some definitions and try out a few quizzes.

It’s an effective and fun way to practice your English skills.

And the basic App is totally free.  Download it today.  Try out your own words.  Check out some random words and the “Word of the Day”.

And if your teaching English, print out a quiz for your students.  It’s easy to use and surprisingly simple to add the dictionary definitions.  You have nothing to lose by checking out our App.  Get your copy today!