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myAssets Household Inventory – iPad

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Product Details

This is a user-friendly, simple and effective app for cataloging your assets. Mainly for insurance purposes, however it is a good idea to keep proper track of your assets in any event. Take up to 4 photos of each asset. Generate a report and email it to yourself or your insurance company with just a  couple clicks. Download Brochure

Main Menu

myAssets Household InventoryWith simplicity of use in the understanding of a complex issue, it is only a few taps to navigate throughout the app to find useful information or instructions.

Locations and Rooms

myAssets Household InventoryIt is super simple to add new locations. Track as many locations as you wish. An example of a location might be, “My Home” or “My Mom’s Home”. Add as Many rooms to each location as you need. There is no practical limit to the number of locations or rooms you can configure.

Add / Edit Assets

myAssets Household InventoryThis App makes data entry simple. Pick the room from a picker wheel. Same picker wheel is used for the date. Enter the description and model info along with a price. Edit the info anytime in the future if you like. Now you’re ready to take some photos.

Adding Photos

myAssets Household InventoryTake up to 4 photos for each asset. You can take a photo of recipts, serial numbers etc too. These photos will be printed as thumbnail images on the final report.

Generate Report

myAssets Household Inventory Choose the “View / Send Report” option on the Main Menu and a report will be immediately compiled in .pdf format ready to send out via email.

Email Asset Report

myAssets Household InventoryYou may send your report via email as an attachment. It is as easy as entering an email address and tap send.

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