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Selection Genie

Selection Genie is a Corporate iPad App created for Daniels Design and Remodeling in the United States.  This app is used by their salesman to assist in quoting jobs for remodeling of bathrooms, kitchens or additions.  The App uses sliders to change the price for specific categories.  There is an added feature that uses a complex mathematical formula to add a curve to any category price.  It is a non-linear scale used by the various categories.

Selection Genie Main Menu

Main MenuThere are three separate areas of home renovations that are represented in this App.  The App assists in preparing Quotes for Bathroom, Kitchen and Addition remodels.

Price Sliders

Slider Screen

There are a total 0f 10 different categories to assist in preparing a quote for a bathroom remodel.  The prices are on a non linear sliding scale and have different curves for the values.  These pricing curves were chosen by the customer to represent real world values.  Totals are calculated to prepare a written report.

Photo Samples

Photo Samples

The app also contains photos of different price bracket items for each category.  Low, medium and high priced examples.  The above screen shot shows a medium priced bathroom vanity sink.



A report can be generated in the standard .pdf format and then sent as an attachment to an email message.