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Product Details

Sismo is a simple APP that retrieves information from the internet concerning recent Earthquakes and plots the locations on a map. If you are interested in geology and seismology, this free app may be of interest to you.

Retrieve Earthquake Data for Various Criterion

SismoEarthquake data is retrived from the USGS. The user can choose from several different criteria such as time periods or magnitude of quake. For Example, all earthquakes in the past 24 hours or all Earthquakes in the last month over 4.5 magnitude. These choices are determined by the USGS. Simple choose onc of the several settings.

Listing of Earthquakes from Retrieved Data

SismoScreen3inchR01Choose one of the earthquakes from the table and view the map location. Data is displayed about the quake and includes magnitude, longitude, latitude and depth.

Display a Specific Earthquake Data

SismoScreen3inchR04The App supports various languages such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Korean. If your iPhone is set to one of these languages, the App will use that language.

World View

SismoScreen3inchR02Display multiple earthquakes on the world map on this page. Tap on any one of the pins to display specific information about that quake.