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Sugar Limit

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Sugar Limit:  The average American now consumes 175 pounds of sugar per year! That’s 46 teaspoons a day! The recommended maximum amount of daily sugar consumption is 6 to 10 teaspoons. Where is this sugar coming from? Processed foods are undeniably the culprit? You need only read some nutrition labels to discover some startling facts. We have captured nutrition label information for many popular processed foods and we encourage our users to add some of their own. You can participate by capturing a few of your favourite or local processed food items that we can add to the list. The App also computes your daily sugar consumption. The object of the App is to educate and reveal just how much and where all this sugar is coming from. We hope you learn, enjoy and participate.

The app is free (but has an ad on one screen). Participate by entering a few items if you wish. Send us your feedback and ideas. We would love to hear from people concerned about the sugar content in their diet. Education is key. You just may learn a few things about this serious problem effecting so many people. Enjoy a look into SugarLimit.

Listing of Products

Browse Sugar ProductsThis is a screen showing a list of products currently found in the main database.  Each product has the serving size and sugar content along with a photo of the product’s nutrition label.  Remember that every user can enter their own items from their location.  Simply enter the info, take a photo with the iPhone camera and upload the info to our database for everyone to use.  We encourage our users to add new content.

Product Information – 7-Up

7 Up Product SampleThis screen shows the detail for the product, 7 Up.  Note that the serving size is 1 12oz can and the amount of sugar is 38. grams.  That’s a lot of sugar when compared with the recommend daily amount.

Create Your Own List

Create Sugar ListYou can create your own list of items from the main listing.  The App adds up all of the sugar content from your list and displays the totals.  You may be surprised as to how much sugar is found in today’s processed foods.

Add Your Own Item

Add Your Own ItemYou can add your own items to the master list.  The data entry is simple. Take a photo of the nutrition label and save.  One or more items can be uploaded to our main database with a few clicks.  We would love to get items from different areas and encourage our users to participate and send us a few items.

View our Instructional Video

Instructional VideoWe have created a quick video demonstrating the entry of a new item.  It is a simple process and we look forward to seeing some new content from out users.


Feedback ScreenWe look forward to your feedback and ideas for features for future updates.  You can leave feedback and read other user’s comments.