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Wedding Assistant

Product Details

The question of “How much should we budget for our Wedding and can we afford our ideas and plans?” are questions that most Couples struggle with. Based upon average costs and things that most Couples want to include in their Wedding Celebration, our APP is an interactive tool meant to give you a basic idea for your Wedding budgeting. How much does a basic photography package cost?  How much might flower costs be?  Enter your own numbers and get instant results in a report.

Getting Started

Wedding AssistantThere are simple instructions to get the most out of Wedding Assistant. There is customization   availible for setting gratuity and tax percentages and instructions for generating and delivering a report via Email.  The APP is built for “Ease of Use” and makes wedding budgeting a snap!


Wedding AssistantThis is the main screen and displays a table. Each row is a category with the number of items, price per item and a total for that category. At the the bottom of the screen are the totals for taxes and the grand total.  Change any row and totals are all updated instantly.

Edit a Category

Wedding AssistantEach category can be edited for the number of items and the price per item. In this example, we display 75 invitations at a price of 7.50 each. The total (before taxes) is displayed as $562.50. Your own personal notes can be added which will be printed on the finished report.


Wedding AssistantWedding Assistant has a few settings to consider such as taxes, if your purchases of goods and services are taxable in your home town. Also the amount for gratuities for liquor and food service. There is a setting for your Email address which is where your completed report is to be sent. You may add as many of your own categories as you require.


Wedding AssistantClick the Report button and an instant report is generated in .PDF format. The report contains all your categories with the numbers, subtotals, taxes and your own notes. If you wish to change something in one of the categories, simply make the change and click the report button again. A new report is generated. The report can then be Emailed to yourself  from right inside Wedding Assistant.


Wedding AssistantIt is simple to Email your completed report from within the Wedding Assistant App.  A couple of clicks and enter your address.  The report is sent as an attachment in .PDF format.